About Us

Kirst Pump is a family owned and operated company dedicated to customer service. Established in 1949, Kirst pump distributes, services and repairs pumps for industrial, municipal, commercial, residential, and marine applications.

We also fabricate and distribute parts, motors and related accessories. Our customers include resellers and end users throughout the United States. Kirst Pump, headquartered in California, offers customers a wide selection of pumps capable of virtually any fluid handling task.

Attention to detail and customer satisfaction are the hallmarks of Kirst Pump. Every product is created and serviced with stringent quality-control. Kirst Pump’s commitment to excellence doesn't’ stop with the purchase of our products. Our ongoing service and support includes emergency availability 24 hours a day.

To meet the developing needs of our customers, Kirst Pump creates customized, innovative solutions, builds strong, loyal relationships and provides strategies that work.